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Industrial nozzles money map

来源:duo duo 发布时间:2011-12-9 23:38:22
       State Council recently issued a "" second five "work program to control greenhouse gas emissions." 2015 defined the China program to control greenhouse gas emissions and the main goal of the overall requirements, proposed utilization of a variety of control measures, and to strengthen the organizational leadership and assessment.
Proposed scheme, we should actively respond to climate change as the nozzle major strategic social development, accelerate the transformation of development mode nozzle, adjust the nozzle structure and promote the new industrial revolution, a major opportunity to adhere to the new road to industrialization, and reasonable control of energy consumption comprehensive use of industrial structure and energy structure optimization, energy conservation and energy efficiency, increase carbon sequestration and other means to improve the ability to address climate change and promote sustainable economic and social development, in response to global climate change make a positive contribution. The major initiative for us to do industrial nozzle manufacturers a great opportunity and challenge, but ah, especially desulphurization dust spiral nozzle, the nozzle will be a great market, money King immeasurable. 

Program that by 2015 carbon dioxide per unit of GDP than the discharge nozzle 2010, a decrease of 18%. Control of non-energy activities of carbon dioxide and methane emissions from the nozzle, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, sulfur hexafluoride and other greenhouse gas emission. Climate change policy system, the nozzle needs to further improve the product, greenhouse gas emissions statistics to establish the basic accounting system, and gradually form a carbon emissions trading market. Test pilot by carbon to form carbon number of distinctive provinces and cities, and built a number of parks typical exemplary low carbon and low-carbon community, promoting a number of good low-carbon emission reduction technologies and products  The move can be a happy event for the environmental protection industry, but ah, the demand will greatly enhance the nozzle, of course, the quality of the nozzle, the nozzle of the manufacturers producing more stringent requirements.

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